Norasrina’s Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Norasrina before

Norasrina was already in the clinic this morning when I got to work. She had made the appointment after researching for someone to do her makeover for the past few months.

“I have been reading your blog nearly everyday!” she said. “I’m getting married in a few months and I have wanted to do a makeover for some time … I thought the only way was to do crowns, that is, until I found your blog.”

I was excited! Yes, it was easy to create her beautiful smile but first I needed to ask her a question or two.

“What don’t you like about your smile?” I asked. This is such an important question …. you see, I as the dentist may have my ideas about what Norasrina wanted, but I always believe that it was more important to listen to her first … Norasrina’s thoughts and opinions of what was her dream smile was something I wanted to find about before we started!

Less than an hour later!We discussed what she didn’t like about her smile and I made suggestions as to what I could do. It turned out that she was working for an event management company and met a lot of people in the course of her work, so having a beautiful confident smile was very important … besides she was going to be a bride in a few months!

“The good news is you only need 4 composite veneers and a scaling. I’ll also do a filling and sort out the discoloured teeth at the same time. Injections are not needed as it isn’t at all painful.” I said.


I took my time … I chatted with her as we went along.

Half way through the makeover I asked, “Is it painful?” Norasrina shook her head.

“Oh OK, I just am checking. It’s hard to make it painful so I usually tell people I have to charge an extra 20% for pain!” I joked “So I guess I can’t charge extra huh.” Norasrina laughed and shook her head.

Soon she was ready for her first look at her new smile. I asked Ayu to pass her the mirror and sat down beside her.

Norasrina took a deep breath. “I’m so nervous!” she said, then she looked in the mirror.

“Oh my!” Norasrina said and then she burst into tears! We hugged as she thanked me.

Much nicer now

This happens very often. It’s an emotional moment when patients see their dream smile for the first time and it’s a moment that I treasure … I am so fortunate that I can do this for Norasrina and my other patients. I am so fortunate that they trust me to understand what they want and let me do my magic.

I am always humbled by their trust and belief … and I am happy/grateful/thankful that I don’t let them down.

I explained to Norasrina that she must eat her normal food and not “be careful” for the next few days … it’s ok to eat anything (well not stones/bones and metal) as I need her to really test out the composite veneers and come back if she needs any adjustments … that’s why we have the 100% guarantee for 30 days.

We printed out her makeover albums with the Before and After photos to take home and hugged our goodbyes again.

Thank you Norasrina! I forgot to tell you to come in just before your wedding for a complimentary polishing! Call Lyn OK and she’ll set it up for you.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new beautiful smile! 😉

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