Elyssa’s new smile : Dr.Kayethri

Elyssa before

Elyssa was a patient who came to us after reviewing our blog. She was initially Dr. Fauziah’s patient, who was transferred to me due to an emergency.

Elyssa came just before the Hari Raya week. She was about to get engaged. Elyssa was undecided between doing braces and cosmetic veneers.

She had crowding of the central incisors, which could be corrected with composite veneers. Since Elyssa was a bit skeptical, I suggested that she do a mock before the actual treatment.

Elyssa after

Finally, she decided to go for the composite veneers, as it gave her the results she desired.

I suggested 4 composite veneers for her upper front teeth. After the final polishing, I was glad that I managed to give the bride-to-be the smile she always wanted.

Sweet Elyssa looks even sweeter now with her brand new smile!

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