Kak Shila before

Shila is a business woman who is afraid of the dentist. (Who isn’t??). She came to the clinic a week before Raya, accompanying her husband but she decided to have a dental check up for herself.

After I had finished examining her teeth. I asked her if she wanted to do something about her front teeth.

She asked me that all so frequent question that most people ask, “Boleh ke doktor ?” followed immediately by “Sakit tak ?” To which I replied “Tak sakit pun, dan boleh dibuat dalam 1 jam siap”.

Kak shila's extra tooth that is rotated, next to the canine.

I showed her our makeover albums and after viewing the album, she said ,”OK…asalkan tak sakit doktor..saya ni memang penakut dentist!”….I laughed.

I did 5 veneers for Shila, 4 for her upper teeth and 1 for her lower tooth. Shila had 1 extra tooth (supernumerary) next to her canine which was rotated. I explained to her that we didn’t have to extract the tooth out, instead we could improve the way it looked with a veneer.

Once finished, I put her in an upright position and before I handed her the mirror, Shila asked me, “Doktor ada bagi injection ke…tak rasa apa apa pun”. I couldn’t control myself and laughed…

Kak Shila after placing 4 veneers.

“Takde la Kak Shila…mana ada injection! Veneer ni memang tak sakit pun !”.

She was very happy and all smiles once she saw her image in the mirror.

At the reception counter , she smiled to her husband and I could see her eyes lit up…

Encik Kadir , the husband commented…”cantik..cantik…cantik..”

Before we say our good byes, Kak Shila made an appointment to do bridge on her lower right side.

Kak Shila after placing 1 veneer on her supernumerary tooth.

Another happy patient and managed to overcome her fear of dentist!!

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