Aida’s Visit To The Dentist : Dr. Dini

Putri Aida first came to see us when she accompanied her mother in March for dental treatment. Her mother, Aishah just want her to get familiar to the surrounding and not to be afraid of the dentist.

I managed to do the routine examination and also polishing despite Aida’s protest! Once she smelled and tasted the strawberry polishing paste, she slowly calmed down.

I found multiple decayed teeth and advised her parents to bring her again for fillings. The treatment plan was broken down into 2 stages. First, to do her fillings on the left side of her jaw (which had small cavities .We always start with the least painful or sensitive treatment for our little patients) followed with fillings on the her right side.

Aida’s parents agreed to this treatment plan.

Few months had passed and Aida came again with her mother two weeks ago complaining of a tooth ache.

This time around, she allowed me to do the filling…. after her mother warned her that she wouldn’t be able to eat her favourite food !!! (It worked!!)

Aida came again a week after the first visit, to complete her treatment plan. This time her mother wanted to video record the filling procedure so she could show it to her classmates in school. (I was not able to upload the video¬† here). She happily sat on the dental chair and opened her mouth wide for me without any trace of fear! No grumbling or protest from her this time ….

Aida...happily smiling after the treatment and showing off her mickey mouse sticker.

In less than 30 minutes, we finished the treatment and I ended it with polishing .. as requested by Aida!

Before they left, Aishah (Aida’s mother) shared with me that, they initially brought Aida to one of the private hospital¬† for consultation where she was told that they would do the fillings under general anesthesia( G.A) which would have cost them around RM5k!

She was very happy that I could treat Aida without any anesthesia and the most importantly that Aida was no longer afraid of seeing the dentist!

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