Touching Moments with Anom: Dr. Kayethri

Anom before

Anom is a patient who really touched my heart. We get numerous cosmetic makeover patients from all over the country, thus we meet all kinds of people everyday. Some made us laugh, many made us feel content of what we are doing, and some even made us think. Hahaha! 🙂

In short, each one of them made a difference in my life. Anom, in particular, made me feel very fulfilled of what I am doing everyday, as a dentist in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

Anom came to our clinic one day, for a whitening and cosmetic veneer treatment. She was a little bit nervous, but very chirpy and open for suggestions and opinions. I really appreciated that.

Anom has not been to the dentist for a very very long time. She finally decided that she needed a change in her smile. She, like anyone else, had her budget and questions on the whitening treatment and composite veneers. Well, all I said was, it would be worth it! 🙂

Anom, is a mother of three, including a 3-month old baby. This busy mom wanted something instant to change her smile. She had diverging upper central incisors which was less feminine, and peg-shaped lateral incisors.

We started with a whitening session for approximately an hour followed by 4 composite veneers for the upper teeth. I could see she was nervous and eager to see the result.

Anom after

Finally, when all the procedures were complete, I handed over the mirror, and as always, prepared myself to receive a happy laughter or a wide grin as I always get from most patients.

Yes she laughed, but with streams of tears of happiness! To be honest, this is my first patient who cried after a makeover, out of joy of course . 😉

It made me realize that day, how small deeds of kindness make a lot of difference in people’s life, even in our own. I have read numerous times about it, but a live experience made it very significant.

Why  do I love my job? Because all those wonderful people I meet everyday, gives me an opportunity to learn something new every time. 🙂

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