No Longer Overlapped!! : Dr Nik

Jie is a young lady in her early twenties who works in one of the publishing company in Kuala Lumpur. She came across our blog when she was searching for a dental clinic to solve her dental problem. She had overlapping teeth.

Before- overlapping teeth

She wrote an e-mail and send her photo to Dr Fauziah for an opinion of what can be done to her teeth.Few options was given to her and Dr Fauziah advised her to make an appointment and come in for a check up.

She made the appointment at Taman Melawati instead as it is more convenient for her. Hence she had her treatment done by me instead of Dr Fauziah.

She was accompanied by her younger cousin who is studying in UiTM in Shah Alam. As they were conversing with each other, I figured out that they were from Kedah and from that moment I too spoke with ‘loghat Kedah’…..not that I’m Kedah-an…I’m proudly Kelantanese ūüėČ

I took a look at her teeth and gave her a few options. I discussed the options that she had available to her which included braces. Since she was not keen on spending the time necessary for having her smile corrected via braces (it might take two years!!!) and more so since her main concern was just the upper front teeth, she opted for cosmetic fillings ( composite veneers) on three of her front teeth.

After- no longer overlapped

I discussed the procedure with her and started working on her teeth as soon as she said ‘yes’. It took me 45 minutes to¬†finish the makeover and I happily passed her a ¬†mirror for her to see her new ‘aligned’ teeth (It does look so very different from before her makeover, doesn’t it?).

She smiled as she gazed at the reflection and turned to her cousin for her opinion.

“Nampok bezo dok?..” she asked. Her cousin nodded and smiled back at her.

She kept gazing at her new smile, looking as if it was strange. I reassured her that she’ll get used to her new look and set another appointment for her review and possible touch ups if she needed them.

She turned up a week later for her review and touch-up appointment. She was happy with her new smile. We printed out and gave her the “before” and “after” photos for her makeover album before she left the clinic.

Another satisfied patient!

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6 years ago

Hi ! How much will it cost and what is involved in this procedure ?

6 years ago

Hi Dr!
I have the similar problem as Jie. Mine is the overlapping on my front one tooth.
I would like to know the total cost please if I want to correct just the one overlapping tooth.


Banu Sukumaran
Banu Sukumaran
6 years ago

Hi Dr.
I have a same problem like Jie…overlapping front teeth. Wish to gain my self esteem by doing the makeover. Im happy for Jie.
By the way i need to know the cost Dr. Is it too expensive?


11 years ago

Hai Dr.

I have the same problem with Jie.
If I want to makeover, how much it cost? Is it too expensive or not?