Mazuwin finds the time for her Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Mazuwin before

Mazuwin is a lecturer in a local university. This very capable lady squeezed in the time for her makeover today before going back to work to meet her supervisor.

How I knew that was because, just after she sat on the dental chair, she spread out a towel on herself so she wouldn’t mess up her clothes! I just had to ask her about it … she needn’t have worried because we have towels ready anyway!! 😉

She asked if I could straighten out her teeth as she noticed that her gums bled and hurt especially when food got stuck in her teeth as there were gaps.

Mazuwin before

Her case was almost identical to Shikin’s case yesterday! (See NurulAshikin gets a new smile) I showed her the blog and said I’d do a mock-up so she could see what the results of a makeover would look on herself.

The mock-up for Mazuwin took just a few minutes … I explained that the whole idea of a mock-up is that it makes it easier for Mazuwin to decide if she wanted to go ahead with the makeover … she could see what she would look like and I could explain how I would create the makeover which made her smile look different.

It’s so much clearer than me explaining what I plan to do with drawings.

Looking pretty now!

Mazuwin immediately said OK!

As I worked, she told me that her office mates also wanted a makeover and she was the ‘guinea pig’ … they were going to wait and see how she looked and hear about her experience before they come in for makeovers too.

She told me that she had originally intended to do braces but was told to check out the blog by an office mate who actually was wearing braces but he knew someone who had done a makeover … isn’t that just amazing!

Anyway, Mazuwin’s makeover was pretty simple … she needed 4 composite veneers on the top teeth and 3 veneers on the bottom teeth … it took less than an hour! But first we did a scaling and polishing so her gums would be healthy too.

Yes ... it took less than an hour

When we finished Mazuwin said, “Wow! I’ve always wanted straight teeth! At last I have my dream smile!”

It was so nice to see her smiling and smiling.

I have the best job in the world!

I get to make people happy and give them their dream smile every single day!

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