En Khairon before

I guessed you’ll be wondering who is this new prince…..well, En Khairon is actually a medical personnel at one of the top private hospital in Kuala Lumpur….the Prince Court Hospital.

He called us for an appointment after he stumbled upon our website and saw that we’ve been creating beautiful smile for our patients. Looking through the “before” and “after” pictures of our patients, he was confident enough to come and get one for himself.

As he was seated down on the dental chair, he told me that his main concern was actually the slanting of his upper central teeth and also the slightly crooked teeth. He also had a few small cavities that needed to be filled and was due for his scaling.

As I examined his teeth, I agreed with him that the mid-line had actually deviated/slanted to the left and that made his smile look asymmetrical. Since the appointment time slot is not enough for me to do his makeover, I ended up just doing the normal fillings and scaling first and then set another appointment for En Khairon to come back for his makeover.

The midline and teeth look straighter

En Khairon came in as planned for his makeover and as soon as he was seated I explained to him what I intended to do. He gave me green light to do the makeover.

As I was doing his teeth, En Khairon dozed off a few times…..well…he was ‘on call’ the night before but thanks to a mouth prop (an instrument for patients to bite on to keep their mouth open) I managed to keep his mouth open for me so I could continue to work.

Time flew by. Once I finished my work, I passed him a mirror for him to look at his new teeth. “Does the midline look straighter now?” I asked.

“Yes…now baru lah tak nampak senget” he said as he nodded…He also realized that he now has much straighter teeth.

As he smiled …. a thought went through my mind …. His smile looks like a prince’s ┬ásmile…. don’t you agree?

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