Azlina drives in from Termeloh, Pahang : Dr Fauziah

Azlina when she came in today

Whenever I get a patient who had driven in from another state I get into ‘high gear’. I mean this patient had taken the trouble to move whatever is in her life to clear at least a day to be able to come to KL, she had convinced whoever is in her life (in this case it was Azlina’s husband) to accompany her during the long trip, probably had convinced them that the trip was worth the trouble (I am certain there are dentists of caliber in Pahang!) … make an appointment to come in to see me.

Yes, I do appreciate the trouble it must have been … not to forget putting aside, or dealing with, any fear or doubt they  may have, to come in for a cosmetic makeover!!

Azlina before

Azlina was one of many who just from reading this blog, took hold of her fear/doubt/considerations and from pure belief that I can help her, drive for hours to KL to see me.

When I first saw her she was obviously frightened and shy. She said she hadn’t seen a dentist for a very long time.

I examined her I knew I just had to help her … she had driven all the way and I was determined that she would leave with a brand new smile! 😉

Azlina after her makeover Stage 1

Azlina needed a lot of treatment … I took an x-ray to confirm that she did indeed need root canal treatment for the broken tooth. “Yes,” I said looking at the xray, “You do need root canal treatment, and that would take a few visits but I do understand that you have come all this way so let’s make a treatment plan that will work for you.”

“I can build up this tooth first so it will look nice. You still need to do the root treatment but there’s nothing really stopping me from making you look good … just promise me that we’d continue later with the root treatment or that you’d do it in Termeloh, OK” I said.

After the composite veneers

“I know it seems like there’s so much to do,” I said gently to her. “And it’s very depressing when it seems that you don’t know where to start … so I am going to start with making you look beautiful … then you’ll have the ‘semangat’ and faith to continue to the end which is complete health.”

Azlina’s eyes filled with tears. She understood that I understood … the first step is the hardest.

“It won’t hurt?” she asked when I explained the treatment plan in detail … I needed to remove two teeth to make her an immediate denture for the teeth that had broken down to the roots.

“No, the makeover won’t hurt at all … and I promise the extractions won’t hurt either.” I promised looking at her straight in the eye.

Azlina needed at least 2 stages

And so we started ….

In less than an hour, I sat across from Azlina and passed her the mirror.

Azlina looked in the mirror and began to cry … I hugged her as she said, “I read your blog every day for 2 weeks … I even re-read the posts and hoped that I too could look nice. I believed you could do it for all those people but … well, I didn’t quite believe you could do it for me.”

I was wet eye-ed too. Yes, it is so true … no matter how many times anyone reads these posts, it’s so hard to believe that it really can happen … that’s why I am always grateful when a patient allows me to post a blog about their makeover (I always ask permission) as it goes a long, long way to help others who are in the same predicament.

Now all we need to do is fill in the back

Next was her extractions … Azlina settled down again and as Ayu held her hand I removed two teeth so we could get her ready for her immediate denture next week.

Once I finished (it took less than 5 minutes) I said, “OK it’s done!”

This time Azlina started laughing! Wow!!

This happens pretty often too … a patient will cry after their makeover … because they are happy! And they laugh after an extraction …. because they are happy and relieved!

The whole procedure today took about 90 minutes … and never ever was Azlina in pain … really! It was painless.

“I am so glad I found you … it was by chance I happened to Google for a dentist and found you.” Azlina said before she left.

Smile now Azlina … remember I told you to practise smiling and smiling and smiling.

And I’ll see you in a week’s time for your immediate denture … then you can smile even wider!! There’ll be no more missing teeth at the back!

I love my job … I get to make people happy … and today I made Azlina happy!

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11 years ago

hi doc,

Alwayz luv ur job..People are taboo with dentist including me..
i am glad that i overcome my fear..your style approaching ur patient before, during n after treatment make me feel safe n comfortable.

thanks for the time n magic u did for me..i am practising the new smile now..

Can’t wait 4 the 2nd see the whole new look/smile..
thanks again for making my day..hope to C u again , soon!