Steven is a tourist from Vancouver, Canada.He made an appointment at our clinic after googling on the internet for dental clinic. He found our blog and  his friend, Nazirah, helped to make the appointment.

As he was seated down on the dental chair, I noted some bruises and an abrasion wound on his forehead and other parts of his body. I asked what happen to him….and that when he explained he got mugged 2 days ago around the KLCC area, that was when he had broken his central incisor.

He also suffered minor concussion….

Poor guy …

He is on a year’s holiday.. taking a break from his study and life in Vancouver … whilst traveling around the Asian region and visiting friends.

During our conversation, Steven and his friend, Nazirah compliment us on the blog. They said it was a good blog, they said. It was from reading the bog that he knew he needed a composite veneer.

He asked me if I can fix the broken tooth and get back his perfect smile by doing a composite veneer.

Of course I said YES!!

I did one veneer for him on the central incisor and filed the lower anterior as requested  by Steven.

Once I finished my work, I passed him a mirror for him to look at his new central incisor. He said, “Perfect!!”

He turned to Nazirah and Nazirah said, “Yup! Steven…you got back your smile!”

It was nice to see him smiling wide….so different when he first entered the room.

Yes, indeed Steven has a perfect smile.

I promised him I will upload the picture in the blog.

Steven… as promised…and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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