Sweet Candy : Dr. Kayethri

Candy before

Candy was as sweet as her name! Candy wrote to us after viewing our blog. She made an appointment later for a cosmetic makeover consultation.

Candy, is a home tutor, thus has a very busy schedule. Finding time to make an appointment is a big task for her, but she made it.

On her first visit, I found that Candy had generalized gum swelling (gingivitis). She also had an ectopic left lateral incisor, slight crowding of the upper teeth and a relatively short upper teeth.

Candy had a very pleasant look, but her teeth did not complement her look. She was very determined to change her smile.

I had to break her treatment into two visits. The first, to do a thorough scaling, and leave the gums to heal for a week. The second visit would be for the composite veneer treatment. So I did the scaling, equipped her with the necessary medication for her gum condition and sent her back until I see her again in a week time.

But the one week was slightly dragged. Hahaha! Poor Candy couldn’t find the time to make her cosmetic appointment faster. But she did, finally 🙂 .

Candy after

I indicated 6 upper veneers for her. She agreed immediately without any hesitance.

Candy had a very supportive family. Her mom and brother encouraged her to do the treatment because they love to see her looking good. “My mother always asks me to wear trendy clothes and look stylish, you know,” she said laughing. Lucky girl! 🙂

The composite veneers were done, and she was indeed happy. Immediately she requested me to do her right and left premolars so that she can have a wider beautiful smile! That would be another 4 veneers in addition. But I had to be honest to her that 4 were just too much, 3 would be sufficient to have the smile she wished for.

How did she look finally? She looked great!

The smile just added more beauty to her sweet nature. Enjoy your new smile Candy! 😉

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