Brave Heart Rozi : Dr Kayethri

Rozi before her transformation

It takes a lot of courage and faith for all those patients of ours who have done makeovers and now happy with it. Not that the treatment is painful or complicated, simply because they finally had the courage to put their feet down and say that they wanted a change in their life.

Rozi belongs to that group. She traveled all the way from Kuantan, Rozi came down to KL solely to get her makeover done in our clinic. Her younger sister had a makeover done in our clinic previously and recommended her to come to us.

It took her a long time before she finally put her foot forward, to get this change in her life. Well she didn’t make a mistake. 😉

Upon examining Rozi, I found out that she had generalised spacing throughout her upper and lower front teeth, peg-shaped lateral incisors and a retained baby tooth on the lower. Some of her teeth were even slanting.

Rozi before

I explained to Rozi, in order to get a natural symmetrical smile, she needs to do 6 veneers for the upper and another 6 for the lower teeth.

I also reminded her that one of the veneers on the lower tooth would be on the baby tooth which was slightly shaky. If by any chance the baby tooth gives way, we could always replace the space with a composite build up, or a bridge.

Rozi agreed with my treatment plan and couldn’t wait to get started! I had to start with a regular scaling first, to remove the calculus build-up on her  teeth before starting with the veneers.

It took me almost 2 hours to complete her case, as I had to make sure that the natural spaces are preserved so that she could still floss her teeth even after veneering were done.

Rozi after

During the treatment, Rozi mentioned that she would be going to Port Dickson with her family the following day, and she was looking forward to it with her new smile. She also wanted to get her regular treatment (fillings) done here, before leaving to Kuantan.

I handed over the mirror as soon as I was done, as I couldn’t wait to see how Rozi would react. She smiled and nodded. “Yes, cantik!” she said.

“What would you want me  to say about you in the blog, Kak Rozi?” I asked. “Just say, a happy satisfied patient.”she answered. And so was I.  🙂

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