Fatiha the Newcaster Gets a New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Fatiha before

Fatiha is a newscaster in RTM. She was a national athlete in Artistic Gymnastics and also is one of the coaches for our national team!

She was introduced to us by Mimi, the makeup and hair artist that prepares her before she faces the cameras when she is on the News.

This young lady has the cameras trained on her as part of her job so having a nice smile would do wonders for her confidence when she presents the news on national television.

She came in today and we immediately went through the different treatment options that was available.

Her side profile before

She could get her makeover in so many ways but as I said to her, sitting down to choose which was best had a lot to do with her job, what time frame she was comfortable with to get the results, the existing arrangement of her teeth and of course her budget.

With ClearPath orthodontics she could move the teeth slowly into position and even take off the aligners whenever she we in front of the cameras but her heart was set on leaving the clinic with a beautiful smile

… she did not want to wait.

Fatiha's new smile in 90 minutes!

And so we decided to do a combination of Empress Crowns and composite veneers … a painless, fast, affordable solution for a busy young lady who is often in the limelight and facing television cameras!

Fatiha was as excited as I was!

Once she chose the treatment plan that she wanted, we started her makeover …

“Since you opted for the Empress Crowns and composite veneers, you’ll first be fitted with temporary crowns.” I explained to Fatiha. “I promise you’ll like the results!”

The side profile now

“I will be on tv this Wednesday.” she said. “It’ll be OK?”

“For sure!” I reassured her. “You won’t have any trouble saying the news.” She was worried that she would have difficulty talking!

I started with her lowers first the her uppers … the lowers needed to be straightened out too.

When we finished … I passed her the mirror.

“Wow! I look so different! I like it.” She said smiling wide.

“Just you wait til next week, Fatiha … these are just temporary crowns” I laughed.

She left with a huge smile … a lovely young lady with a confident smile.

I love my job … I get to make already beautiful people even more beautiful … every single day!!

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