What a wonderful feeling it was when I realized that with the gift that Allah gave me, I was able to make someone have a more beautiful smile and this story that I’m about to write is one of those rare cases that make me felt so fulfilled as a dentist.

Before-open bite and not level

Puan Nita is a young lady who is actually our business neighbor (she works  in Taman Melawati too!!!) and had been our patient for quite some time.

Initially she make an appointment and came to see me to fix a broken filling. But as I was doing routine dental check up on her, I found out that she actually need three fillings and some clean up(scaling). On top of that I also suggested cosmetic fillings on her upper front teeth as they are not leveled and she also has , in dental term ‘anterior open bite’ which meant that her upper and lower front teeth doesn’t meet.

I did the three fillings and scaling and asked her to come back a day later to do the cosmetic fillings on the upper front teeth as I didn’t have enough time to do it on the same day.

All she needed was three composite fillings and veneers to make the huge difference to her smile. It took me 40 minutes to do the transformation and as I passed her a mirror…..”Jeng…jeng…jeng…cantik tak?” I asked.

After-totally different

She took the mirror,smiled and burst into laughter as she look at her new smile. Panicked with her reaction I asked again…”cantik tak?”….”Cantik…nampak lain” she said.

“A’aa nampak lain sangat dari mula mula tadi kak…cantik..” Pi, my assistant gave her comment.

As I watched her looking through the mirror, I realized that she kept touching her ‘new teeth’ with her lower lip. “You rasa different and uncomfortable kan?”.  She nodded…”It’s ok…it will last for few days only and then you’ll get used and be fine with it” I reassured her.

“Now that we’re done, go home and smile to your husband and see whether he realized the difference in you” …. “Yaa…let’s see” she said and she laughed and  said thank you as she walked out of  the clinic.

And for me, the feeling that I felt every time I saw my patient walked happily and smiled beautifully out of the clinic is sooo wonderful  and it’s difficult for me to put it in words…’s like if you’re the red warrior supporters and watched the Piala Malaysia final just now……yess….that kind of feeling…..victory….

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