Ain- before

Ain is a 8 year old girl who came to our clinic for her routine check up. The appointment was made by her mother, Kak Wan.

While waiting for her turn to be called in, Kak Wan told Hapiza (our Clinic Manager) that Ain had a minor accident last Monday at school. A group of boys who were running along the classroom corridor accidentally hit her from behind.

Ain lost her balance and fell onto the cement floor. She had bruises around the lip area, gum bleeding and her upper central incisor chipped.

Once seated, Ain was shy  and a bit reluctant to open her mouth for me to examine her. Kak Wan, her mother told me the story and wondered if I could fix the upper tooth. Obviously Ain was embarrassed that she no longer had her sweet smile!

Ain- after

I said I could! First, I asked Ain if she felt any pain or sensitivity on that tooth since the accident happened. Ain replied that there was none.

I explained to Kak Wan that usually if a tooth has been traumatized, sometimes a Root Canal Treatment would be needed in future. The signs to look out for was pain/swelling/sensitivity, but, for now, a simple veneer will do for Ain to get back her sweet smile.

Kak Wan understood and agreed to the treatment plan so I started with scaling and proceeded with the composite veneer on her chipped central incisor.

Once finished, I handed Ain the mirror. Slowly, slowly a sweet smile appeared!

She turned to her mother and her mother nodded with a wide smile. No longer the shy girl who first entered the room…she walked out confidently with a wide smile..

I think Ain gained two things from her visit to dental clinic this time.

She got back her sweet smile and also her CONFIDENCE!

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