Jesny gets her Beautiful Smile: Dr Fauziah

Jesny before her makeover

Jesny is a member of the cabin crew in one of the leading airlines. As cabin crew, she needs to always look her best, which includes having a confident and winning smile!

Her job doesn’t allow her to get braces done … the conventional braces with metal brackets and wires at least. Only lingual brackets are ok and they’re extremely uncomfortable and difficult to do!

We discussed all the possible treatment plans … actually Jesny had emailed me earlier and I had already outlined possible treatment plans … but that was before I knew her job and the limitations involved.

On her left her tooth was tucked behind the incisor

Even ClearPath Orthodontics could be an option but the problem was she may have to remove two teeth at the corners of her smile and well, that may not be something the airlines may allow.

ClearPath Orthodontics would be almost invisible though as she’d only need to wear clear aligners.

This means her teeth could be straightened without any metal brackets and wires.

In the end we settled on a treatment plan that was workable and within her budget.


I recommended an Empress Bridge (full porcelain high-impact) as her gum margin was high and she is light-skinned so there wouldn’t be the problem of a dark margin appearing due to a metal-bonded crown/bridge … and to bring down the costs … the other tilted teeth were corrected with composite veneers.

After a quick scaling … I can’t do good work unless everything is clean, right … so I usually insist on it. 😉 .. we started on the makeover!

I promised Jesny that she’d leave the clinic looking totally different and very satisfied and as luck would have it, the next patients after her appointment rescheduled so I had ample time to work on a really beautiful temporary bridge for Jesny.

Yes ... that's a temporary bridge. Looks good,huh.

I started with the composite veneers first so I’d have an idea how much was needed to make the edges look straight … Jesny had one chipped front tooth and the other was sticking out just a little … I also wanted to get the most natural sizes and shapes for the four front teeth so the composite veneers would help me create the smile.

Once that was done, I started on the Empress Bridge.

Jesny kept peeking at her teeth as I worked. 😉

She told me she had consulted several dentists … all of them told her she needed to do braces (which was not allowed by the airlines) and one of them said that if she chose to do a bridge it may fall off (!!!!!) and the temporary would look bad anyway.

Jesny now!

I laughed and promised her she would love her smile when she walked out of the clinic … even with the temporary bridge!

And yes she did!

I am so happy that I could do the job for her … she is such a beautiful young lady and she deserved a beautiful smile … even with a temporary bridge.

I did a good job giving her her dream smile, yes?

Yay!!!!! 😉

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8 years ago

how much is the clearpath thanks

9 years ago

Hi. May i know where is your clinic?

11 years ago

I’m impressed with the work done. I have a teeth problem myself. I wanted to ask, how much is the total cost to the work done to Jesny’s teeth? And how long would it going to last?
i wanted to to do the Clearpath orthodontics, but i’m afraid it would cost me a fortune.