The New Hani: Dr.Kayethri

Hani's crowded teeth before

Have you ever wondered, how is it that all of us in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah always feel contented with what we are doing everyday?

Well, you will be surprised that not only us,  the dentists, but also our supporting staff do. It’s because we realise how much a smile means. It is just priceless!

I had many occasions when I was asked whether I regretted being a dentist, or was I never been disgusted of what I do (treating the oral cavity ;)) . Well,  I’m actually very proud to say that I am dentist,  because I get to create beautiful smiles everyday! You will be amazed how a smile changes a person’s features.

When Hani walked into the clinic for a consultation appointment, I thought she was a teenager. I was a bit suprised when she told me she is actually 26  years old! It was because Hani had a ‘child -like ‘ teeth. Well at least that’s what I call it ;-). Hani looked a bit witty with her old smile. Hahaha!

Hani had crowding of the upper teeth and jutting out, sharp canines. All that Hani wanted to do that day, was only a consultation on the treatment options and cost. When I assured her that she will definitely look different after 6 composite veneers, and realising it will be very affordable,  she agreed to do the treatment on the same day.

I had a big resposibility for Hani, as her friend Nana suggested her to do the makeover with Dr.Fauziah. But Hani, had full faith in me and agreed for the treatment under me. Thank you Hani! 🙂

Hani's new smile

As I was in the midst of the process, I had a fun chat with Syikin, Hani’s friend, who came to accompany her. Syikin was actually very eager to see the result. Once I was done, Hani was actually very shy to look at the mirror. She covered her mouth while smiling at the mirror. Her eyes were starting to swell with tears. I quickly tried to distract her by asking Syikin to have a look at her.

‘How does it look?” Hani asked while giggling. “You look different!” Syikin said. “Different?” Hani asked again. “You look nicer Hani… Cute!” Syikin said while laughing at Hani’s anticipation.

So tell me now? Don’t I have a great job?

I make people smile everyday….. Isn’t that a gift?  🙂

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9 years ago

hye doc! its me nana. this is my friend hani. God job doc. Now hani smile happily with her new look hehehehe