Fariza and Putri get new smiles : Dr Fauziah

Putri and Fariza all smiles

Fariza and Putri are the best of friends.

Both had their teeth straightened by an orthodontist but were not very happy with the results. Fariza said she had only just taken off her braces a month ago after having it on for 5 years!


She didn’t like the end result as though the teeth seemed better aligned, the shape and colour just wasn’t as nice as she expected.

Putri had found our blog sometime back and encouraged Fariza to go with her to see if we could do something. And so the two buddies made an appointment and came in for a consultation.

Fariza's teeth were straight but uneven shape

I started with Putri whilst Fariza watched … there wasn’t much to do except correct some abrasion cavities that had appeared on the gum line … she thought her gums had broken down! … and was mightily relieved when I said it would be easy-peasy to treat. 😉

Fariza was the nervous one. She sat quietly until it was her turn … and when she finally sat on the chair, she began to speak.

“I am very disappointed with the results of the braces after 5 years. Can you help?” she asked nervously.

I reassured her with a laugh, “For sure I can! You just need some composite veneers to get them into a nicer shape and we’d get it to be whiter too!”

One of her front teeth looked bigger

… I could make it look like she had a whitening as I was going to do all 4 front teeth anyway!

Fariza looked at Putri for moral support … “But I will have to start with a good scaling OK … your gums need to be healthy. I am sure they bleed all the time as there are a lot of food traps.” I said.

“How did you know?” she asked as she settled into the chair. 🙂

Once we finished the scaling, I could start with my magic!

The whole procedure was pretty easy except I had to work around the permanent fixation the orthodontist had placed … that made the makeover to take a little longer than the usual 45 minutes!

Nice and even and whiter too!

Once ready, I got ready to hand the mirror to Fariza …

Putri was as excited as I!

“Now your front teeth are the same size and shape.” I said whilst Fariza broke into a huge smile.

“Yes. They look better …. The white spot on my canine is gone!” Fariza was very, very happy.

Putri was laughing at Fariza’s delight. “I told you that you needn’t worry.”

Fariza not only has even teeth now ... the white dot is gone too!

Fariza was not listening as she just kept looking in the mirror. “Lyn will call you tomorrow to see if you have any questions about your makeover.” I said … but Fariza was still looking at the mirror!

It’s always so nice and fulfilling to see how happy patients are when they see their dream smile realised.

Both Putri and Fariza didn’t give up when they were still disappointed after the orthodontic treatment. Their teeth were straight, no doubt, but what was the final step needed was to get the shape right.

I am so glad Putri found this blog and made the appointment.

I got to do my magic … and I got to make them happy.

I love my job!!

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