I’m always happy doing my work treating patients especially treating current and regular patients . This is mainly because it makes me aware of how much trust they have in me being their dentist.

Before- Where's the tooth

Mr Rahman is one of those patients.

I’m not only treat him but the whole of his family, wife and children and will be looking forward to treat his grandchildren in a couple of years to come….I’ve lost count of how many wedding invitation that I’d received from him…..for his childrens wedding that is!!! I had better make that clear before I get into trouble.

Today, Mr Rahman came for an emergency treatment. His left upper lateral incisor that I filled earlier had broken and what was left was only the root……yes…only the root.

It looked like the only treatment that was left to do would be to pull out the tooth, but Mr Rahman was not ready for an extraction. He needed the tooth to be filled or replaced immediately.

Well…his wish was my command.

So, I planned my emergency temporary treatment plan for him, which was to make a resin or composite build up which was to be bonded to his neighboring teeth and also two cosmetic fillings on his two central teeth to beautify the smile.

I explained the procedure, making sure that he understood that the build up of the broken tooth was only a temporary measure and that he still needed to come back for a more permanent treatment which would either be a denture or a bridge.

Once he understood and agreed to the treatment plan, I started off by building up the broken tooth. The build up was not only supported by bonding it to the adjacent teeth but also by putting restorative or anchoring pin to the broken tooth ( it works like a metal piling in the building construction).

After- Now you see it!

Once that was done, I started doing the two cosmetic fillings on the other teeth. I took my time polishing up the fillings and passed him a mirror once done.

“Haahh… you see it…your tooth is back” I said, smiling widely.

Mr Rahman smiled too as he ¬†looked at his ‘new tooth’ . “It does look ok, doesn’t it?” I asked. “Ok” he said and I reminded him that he still needed to decide upon the permanent treatment and come back for the more permanent treatment.

“Just don’t bite on any stones and bones on that tooth ok….the rest of oyur regular food should be fine and I’ll see you again for the permanent treatment” I said as he got up from the dental chair.

You see… now that you can see how we will try our best to cater our patients’ requests or wishes, you needn’t be afraid to tell us what ¬†you want us to do …. as we will try our best to give you the best option that will meet your needs.

Your needs are our command.

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