Simon gets a huge surprise: Dr Fauziah

Simon before

Simon is one of my dental suppliers. I have known him for more than 20 years … he has supplied every dental unit in my clinics except for one. He has been a good friend for such a long time!

Every time he comes in to see me with a new product (he supplies my Sirona/Siemens dental chairs) I will ask him to do a makeover.

“You see dentists all the time, Simon, you have to have a nice smile as we without fail can’t help but notice your teeth!” I would say.

Simon has always been too much in a hurry to set time for himself … that is until two weeks ago when he finally said “yes” and made his appointment.

Simon now

It was supposed to be yesterday … but when he came in, he said he was in a hurry to see another dentist who had called up, so he changed the appointment to this afternoon.

This time when he came in, we got him seated before he could disappear … as usual his phone kept ringing but my nurses wouldn’t let him go.

He said,”I have some gum problems on the my left side … perhaps we can do that first.”

“Sure I said … I have some EmunDo dye ready so I’ll sort out the gum problems too.”

His tooth was tucked behind

Simon was surprised that I had an ARC Laser (I didn’t buy it from him 😉 ) and was impressed when I explained how EmunDo worked to kill all known bacteria so it was the best treatment he could have to sort out his gums.

Once the EmunDo treatment was over, I told him to sit back and relax …. I was going to give him a surprise!

Simon had a tooth that was tucked in behind his front teeth and a canine that bulged out. His lowers were a little crooked and he needed to repair a broken filling too.

He sat quietly (this is unusual for Simon who normally has plenty to say!) whilst I did my magic.

No I did not take out his tooth ... I made it come out!

Once done I passed him the mirror …

“Wah! My smile looks straight! Wah!!!” he said as he gazed at his reflection.

“It looks like you moved my teeth! Wah!”he said again.

I laughed as he kept saying “Wah” as he looked in the mirror.

“I have been wanting to do this for you for such a long time, Simon. I knew it was so easy to do … the difficult part was to get you to sit down long enough for me to do it!” I laughed.

And it wasn’t painful either … the whole makeover took less than 45 minutes!

Simon left soon after as he had to rush off to see yet another dentist.

Simon didn't believe I could do it

I am so glad my nurses and I managed to pin him down long enough to do the makeover … it has been over 20 years since I’ve known Simon.

I called him just now to tell him that he rushed off before we could give him his photos in the makeover album.

“My friends didn’t notice my new smile! Luckily you mms-ed me the photos. When I showed it to them, they were amazed!” he said. “They asked ‘Real or not?’ ” He was laughing over the phone.

Yes it’s real … and I am so glad Simon is happy.

Simon got his dream smile … and boy, was it a huge surprise!

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11 years ago

howww much they will cost me for this kind of treatment?