Mr Lew gets his dream smile in time for his holiday: Dr Fauziah

Mr Lew after EmunDo PDT

Mr Lew is an architect. He first came to see us some weeks ago saying he had a big problem.

He needed urgent treatment for his gums as they were very swollen and bled easily. Some teeth were shaking so badly it was hard to eat.

Dr Kay and I discussed his treatment plan. We had just started the EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy in the clinic. We had such great results with the first few patients that we encouraged him to sort out his gum problems first before we began any other treatment program.

I explained to him how EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) would kill all the germs that were lurking in his gum pockets and the laser treatment would also help his gums heal super quick.

A totally different smile!

“I have never seen patients with severe periodontal problems heal so fast.” I told him. “My patients who had gums as bad as you have returned after just 7 days able to eat normally as their teeth were no longer shaky and they had pink healthy gums.”

“It really would be best for you to get your gums to optimal health before we start any makeovers” I said.

Mr Lew agreed so we did his first EmunDo PDT last Thursday.

Yesterday was his second visit EmunDo visit.

After just one visit of EmunDo but before the makeover

I was amazed! There were only three areas in his whole mouth that still had some swelling but on the whole his gums looked very, very much healthier. His gum pocketing was less deep and there very much less bleeding!

I did his Day 7 EmunDo PDT and asked him how he felt about doing his makeover.

“I am looking forward to it! In fact I’ll be leaving for a holiday in Japan soon.It would be nice to do it before I leave.” he said.

Yay!!! I made sure I had enough time to do Mr Lew’s makeover and booked him in immediately.

Mr Lew's makeover took less than an hour

Today was the day Mr Lew got his makeover.

He came in with a smile … “How do you feel?” I asked. “Great!” Mr Lew said smiling some more.

OK … now for some magic!

His makeover took less than an hour … really!

He didn’t need any more extractions, nor did I have to give him any injections … everything was painless and done in just one visit.

As I passed the mirror to Mr Lew, I said “There’s good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”

Mr Lew's lateral incisor was very mobile

“The bad news.” he said as he moved to rinse his mouth.

“I’ve finished and I needed to do 6 veneers.” I said as he settled back into his chair.

“The good news?” he asked, grinning. “I’ve finished and they look great!” I joked and passed him the mirror.

He took one look in the mirror and looked up at me.

“I don’t believe it! …. Wow! ….. Thank you!” he smiled and smiled.

Yes, this is one of the best makeovers …. I had done the composite veneers in such a way that the most mobile tooth was now supported and has a good chance to remain in Mr Lew’s smile for a long, long time.

In less than an hour

I am so happy that I could get Mr Lew to this moment in so few days.

When he first came to see us just a few weeks ago it was a very different person that was now smiling at me.

I love my job.

I get to do this for people every single day!

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10 years ago

i just want to know the cost of Emundo theraphy..
as i’m having symptoms such as gum pain/ shaking teeth

Lew KW
Lew KW
11 years ago

Much thanks to Dr Fauziah for a great job. The EmunDo treatment was really great and I could see tremendous improvement in my gums. It was really money well spent. The makeover was amazing! I now have a smile that I’m not afraid to show off!

Thank you Dr Fauziah and Dr Kay!

Japan here I come! 🙂