Najmin Smiles At Last: Dr Fauziah

Najmin before

Najmin seemed a little shy when he first came in to see us a few weeks ago.

He is a young executive working with a bank where he does the back-end solution for the cheques we post into the atm. He’s mostly busy at work which made it hard for him to make the time to get his smile fixed!

When he first came in for the initial examination, I was stumped … how am I going to give this good looking man a smile he deserved?

I created a treatment plan but to make sure it was the best solution, I asked Najmin to come in to see the consultant endodontist as well, this meant we both could discuss what would best suit Najmin.

Najmin now!

Najmin made the trip … it was only on his third visit did we finally decide on a treatment plan! Sometimes (fortunately not often) it takes a few visits to come up with the best plan as we needed to take xrays (in Najmin’s case) and get a second opinion.

And so a few weeks ago I waved my magic wand …. what he needed was a combination of an immediate bridge for Najmin and composite veneers to correct his smile. Braces was not an option as he couldn’t afford the time it takes to get the smile he wanted!

Najmin used the immediate bridge for three weeks first as we needed the gums to heal before we took the impression for his final bridge.

Najmin's smile was messy

It did seem like magic! Najmin already looked good even with the temporary bridge. Najmin already had a wonderful smile since it was only the colour of the temporary bridge that was just a shade darker, that’s all.

Najmin came in just before the Aidil Adha holidays for his final impressions … I made sure I made a new temporary bridge as he was traveling back to his home town in Kelantan.

“So did anyone notice your new smile when you were on holiday?” I asked.

“Yes! They said I looked different.” Najmin said with a smile … gone was the shy young man from before.

What a difference!

Najmin looked and sounded much more confident already!

Once I placed the final bridge and did the small adjustments, I passed the mirror to Najmin.

“It looks really nice!” I said as Najmin smiled wide.

This time I had no problems taking the “After” photos … Najmin could smile easily for my iPhone camera.

Just before he left he joked, “Can I take back this mirror?” I laughed.

It seems like magic

The smile is yours to keep Najmin …

It may seem like the mirror is a magic mirror and my wand is a magic wand.

… but the smile you see now, well that is as real as real can be!

So practise smiling Najmin … you look awesome!

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11 years ago

my first rare picture with a smile! 😀
(ignore the eye bag. so sleepy). ngee~

thank you so much doctor!