Tough Chic : Dr Kayethri

Liz had small upper lateral incisors and crowding on the lower teeth

Determination, is the key factor for our patients to come for their smile makeovers.

Among those patients who had their hesitations, fear and doubts, Liz was one person, who really made me feel awe of her. That explains, why I started this story, with a title, “Tough Chic”. She is one tough chic, that’s for sure! 😉

Liz walked into the clinic, for a makeover consultation, very confidently. It was her confident, distinguished personality that made me look up to her. Wow!

Now I, like any women, would definitely want to grow old gracefully like her. Did I just use the word ‘old’?

She is soooo not! I was shocked when she told me that her eldest is in his 20s!

Liz said, it was enough that she maintained the unattractive smile all these years, and she wanted a change. Honestly, I did not have much to do for the consultation part.

Liz knew what she wanted and was very determined. She also enquired about the Zoom! whitening which she was interested in.

I agreed that she needed one as her teeth shade was on the darker side compared to her complexion. How do we determine whether your teeth shade does not match? We compare it to your sclera shade (white in your eyes)!

As for her teeth arrangement, Liz had a complicated bite. Her upper lateral incisors were too small. Her lower teeth were crowded and to make it more complicated, she had a couple of teeth tucking out of the upper teeth (crossbite). She also had a very close bite.

Hmmm…. I started with the Zoom! whitening took about one and a half hours (including the preparation before and in between cycles). The end result? Amazing! “I’m happy!” that was what Liz said. I rescheduled her next morning for the composite veneers.

Liz after

Now, frankly, I did a whole night of thinking, planning the strategy on how I would approach Liz’s case, as I had so many factors to take into account to improvise her smile. I was very grateful to Dr. Fauziah for the hints that she gave me on this case. Whatever it takes, I wanted Liz to go back home as happy as the previous day!

Liz needed 4 veneers on top and 4 1/2 for the bottom.

When Liz came in the next day, I explained to her the limitations that we had,  and she totally understood it. After almost 2 hours, we were done.

Did I get the same reaction from her? Indeed! She loved her new smile and before I could tell her, she told me that she will try it a few days to get used to the ‘full’ feeling in the mouth.

Now isn’t she a great patient? :).

So Liz…. In my eye, you are a tough chic!  🙂

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