Izzyana’s Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Izzyana when she came in this morning

Thomas is Izzyana’s friend. He stumbled on our blog many months ago and showed it to her as she wanted to fix her teeth but was terrified of dentists.

“No way!” she said. “I’m sure those photos are photoshopped. There’s no way someone can change their smile like that in just a few hours.”

And so she left it and did not call us to make an appointment.

Thomas did not give up.

He emailed me on the FB Page Dentist Malaysia and sent photos. He not only made the appointment for Izzyana but also came in with her … he probably thought she wouldn’t come! 😉

Izzyana a few hours later

He didn’t come into the treatment area though but sat (and fell asleep as he just finished night calls) in the sitting room whilst Izzyana was examined and we worked out a treatment plan for her. Braces was out of the question!

Later that evening, Thomas emailed me again saying that Izzyana was thrilled and excited. “She felt happy and confident when she walked out.” he wrote.

Today was THE DAY! Today Izzyana gets her makeover.

My clinic manager, Lyn, had cleared the morning for me to just do my magic for Izzyana.


It was a challenging case but not an impossible one!

I needed to create a new smile for Izzyana … it would involve balancing the sizes of her teeth so they would look totally natural.

It would also involve sculpturing the temporary bridge so it will seem like her teeth were exactly where they were supposed to be when she smiled wide.

Izzyana came in with her 10-year old son Iskandar. He was a delight to have around and we soon became firm friends.

These are actual photos taken with my iPhone

He took some photos as I did the makeover for his mum and even a video or two!

Iskandar was easy to please … we kept him entertained and fed with biscuits and a quick trip to the food court when he got hungry.

It was good to have him around as it made Izzyana more relaxed too.

I kept asking Izzyana if she wanted to have a peak at my ‘work in progress’, but Izzyana said, “No, I want to be surprised!”

Iskandar kept saying though, “Just now the teeth were forward … now they’re straight! Are they false?”

Before her makeover

No way! They’re real … as real as Izzyana’s teeth when she came in! But way nicer arranged now.

When I finally finished fussing over her temporary bridge, I sat down facing Izzyana and handed her the mirror.

Izzyana took a deep breath and looked at her reflection for the first time.

“Oh my, oh my. I don’t believe this!” She said staring at her reflection. “I never thought it could look like this!” as she began to tear. “It’s really like magic.”

We hugged as she shed some tears … It happens ever so often that I make people cry.

Izzyana now!

I think it’s because of the fact that people so, so, so want to have a beautiful smile but it seems like it can’t happen … at least not for them personally.

So when my patients see their dream smile become a reality, it’s an emotional moment.

I am so thankful I have this opportunity to do this over and over again.

Every day … yes, every day I get to create beautiful smiles and make people happy.

I have the absolute best job in the world! 😉

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7 years ago

Doktor..berapa kos rawatanya.?

nur atikah
nur atikah
8 years ago

sy nk buat braces.harga dalam lingkungan brape ye?nk buat temu janji cm mne ye?

9 years ago

Thanks Dr Fay. I been busy the last few weeks and be running around with wide smile. So many comments from my family and friends regarding the miracle smile you gave to me!! I felt like a superstar indeed. Thank you so much for this magic you performed wonderfully to me. All my teenage life till got a child, going to dentist are the last in my list to do. I can count how many times I did go to see dentist and just 5 fingers will do…hahaha..yup,I AM TOTALLY TERRIFIED OF A DENTIST!! All I can remember are all… Read more »