Charles gets a surprise after EmunDo PDT: Dr Fauziah

Charles after EmunDo with good gums but messy teeth!

Charles has a rare disease where he is allergic to ultraviolet rays from the sun. This means he gets sun burned so badly that when I first met him he was all burnt on his face and hands … the day before he had attended a funeral not knowing that he would have to park out in the sun … he got badly burnt walking to and from his car!

Poor Charles …. he also had severe gum problems, too. His teeth were shaky and his gums were swollen and bled at the slightest touch. As there were many, many food traps he also had bad breath.

We suggested EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy with ARC Lasers to sort out his gum problems. His teeth were so loose that it was hard to eat!

'Magically' transformed in 30 minutes!

He had a family history of diabetes so when I told him that in a study done in Germany on 1000 patients with gum disease, it was found that there were 12% more deaths amongst those with moderate to severe gum problems (he had severe periodontitis) than diabetics with no or mild gum problems in the year the study was conducted (

Charles immediately agreed to EmunDo PDT Therapy.

We mapped out his gum levels and then drizzled the EmunDo dye on his gums first. Then we used the ARC Laser to wipe out all the bacteria.

… yes, EmunDo binds with all the bacteria which then gets destroyed! … and also used the laser to remove the diseased tissue so the gums would heal super quick and painlessly.

Charles before

When we finished … it took about 90 minutes … Charles had pink healthy gums and they weren’t bleeding! His bad breath was gone which was just great because he was about to go on a business trip to Singapore that weekend.

Today Charles came in for his second EmunDo PDT just 7 days after his first visit.

Charles was very happy! His gums didn’t bleed any more and he said his teeth felt firm too. Even his girlfriend remarked on the changes!

After the second EmunDo PDT, I told Charles that his gums were so healthy and not bleeding that I could do his makeover easily … we didn’t have to wait at all.

A transformed man

And so I asked Charles to settle back and began to do my ‘magic’!!

It took just 5 composite veneers to close the gaps and to correct the alignment of his teeth. This would never have been possible just a week after we started gum treatment for someone with severe gum disease if it wasn’t for the EmunDo PDT treatment.

I joked with Charles before I passed him the mirror, “Did you drive here just now? Or did you take a taxi?”

Charles looked at me puzzled, “I drove here. Why do you ask?”

Yes it was done in 30 minutes!

“Well, when I do makeovers like these I’d prefer that you not drive” I said. Charles looked even more puzzled … the whole makeover only took 30 minutes and was totally painless!

“It will be dangerous for you to drive because you’d be looking in the mirror all the time after this! Promise me you’ll keep your eyes on the road when you drive, OK.” I said and handed him the mirror so he could see his transformed smile for the first time.

He looked at his reflection and stared, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” and then he began to laugh.

I am so happy that I could create the makeover for Charles.

He’s become a great friend as he is now my Mac doctor … he upgrades/repairs/debugs my Mac laptops … and now he’s getting me an iPhone 5 from Singapore so my photos for the ‘Before and ‘After’ albums will be even sharper!

Enjoy your smile Charles … next week we’ll transform the lower teeth so you will have a smile you can flash confidently! 😉

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