Pini is a psychologist in her late twenties who works in one of the government bodies in Sabah. She graduated in psychology from the same university as all of us, the dentists in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah graduated…University of Malaya. She came aallll…the way from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to do her teeth in our clinic.

Well….maybe I’m exaggerating a little .. 😉


Pini had been google-ing for a dental clinic and found ours. She was amazed to see all the ‘magic’ that we’ve done which made her want to have her makeover too.

Since she was appointed to come to KL for a work trip (which she frequently does) she called us and make an appointment to see us….aaahaah….killing two birds with one stone that is. She also made an appointment for her future brother in law who was going to drive and accompany her to the clinic as she was not familiar with the Taman Melawati area.

Today she came in with Riduwan, her future brother in law, both smiling and ready for their dental treatment.

I did Pini’s teeth and Riduwan was treated by Dr Dini.

“It’s not going to be painful right ?”..That was the first thing she asked once she was seated.

“No…but first do tell me what is it that you want me to do…what you don’t like about your teeth.”


She explained that she didn’t like the alignment of her teeth as it was slightly crooked. The color of the fillings on two of her front teeth didn’t match her natural teeth color either. She wanted a more even color and wanted to align her teeth.

I proposed doing four veneers on her upper teeth to give her the smile that she always wanted and she gave me full trust to do whatever I thought was best for her.

I started doing her teeth and soon after passed her a mirror to see whether she liked it …and guess what? She liked it…yaayy!!!…

We printed out and gave her the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo album. Before she left she booked and set an appointment for her sister (Riduwan’s future wife) to  have her makeovers too.

I’m excited to do yet another makeover…

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Nadiah Othman
Nadiah Othman
9 years ago

oh so nice! i think im gonna try veneers too