Saving a broken tooth : Dr Nik

I wonder what will cross peoples’ mind if all of sudden, by accident one of their front tooth broke….

Can it be filled?…Is it possible?…

What if it can’t?…Must it be pulled out?…

Oh no…does that mean I’ll be toothless gap in front of my smile?…Do I have to wear a denture?…

I guess the list of questions might just go on and on and on ….

Farhan probably went through similar questions as he was in a dilemma. Farhan is a 16 year old school boy who had accidentally bit on something hard and broke his left upper central teeth. His father frantically called me asking all questions that he could think of …. quite similar to those posted above!

Farhan before

Calmly, I asked him to bring Farhan in, as it was difficult for me to give him the advice he needed without me seeing Farhan.I needed to see him in the clinic!

So, we set an appointment and Farhan came in cheerfully, as though having broken front tooth is not a problem for him….or was it because he knew that I’d be fixing his tooth….ummm….I wonder…..

As soon as he was seated and I started asking him about his broken tooth, I found out that it had been filled before couple of years back. But now when it broke again, the fracture had become bigger, he wondered whether it could be filled again.

“You’re lucky Farhan,  I think we can still do a normal filling and fill up your tooth”  Farhan smiled and Mr Omar, the father seemed relieved.

“That’s good news, I thought that the tooth has to be taken out” Mr Omar said. I explained to Mr Omar that there were a few other treatment options that could be done to save a tooth  from being extracted. Taking out a tooth would certainly be the last option in our clinic!.

Farhan after

It took me just 20 minutes to finish up the filling and Farhan smiled as he looked in the mirror.  Hopefully with the filling, it will give Farhan confidence to smile wider in many years to come.

As both father and son left my clinic smiling, it struck me how a simple problem Farhan’s case was to us dentists, but it might appear as quite big problem to the people involved.

So, my suggestion is, if it ever happens to you, do not let all those questions give unnecessary pressure to you. Just let Klinik Pergigian Fauziah come to your mind and call us at 03-41071591 or 03-26911334 because we know exactly what to do.

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