Emiza’s New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Emiza before ... spotty and uneven

Emiza is a new doctor. She is doing her housemanship in Ipoh, her hometown.

She had just returned from a visit to a dentist where she was told she had flourosis a condition where her teeth were speckled with white spots on them.

She was told it was hard to treat as all her teeth (and if we could look at her bones, they’d be speckled too) were permanently stained.

The dentist was right … it is hard to treat! Even if we were to do a whitening procedure it would be difficult to get an even colour … but veneering her teeth would certainly help as a fine layer of composite or porcelain would be bonded to her teeth surface, so this would definitely help even out the colour!

Much nicer now!

Emiza emailed me just before she started her induction so it was too late to get the treatment done before she started life as a houseman … the days are long and the day off from work were scarce.

It was only today, 5 months after she first emailed me, that she found the time to travel from Ipoh with her brother accompanying her, for the makeover.

When Emiza told me she was a houseman in Ipoh I remembered that she had emailed me! I answer so many emails and queries on the blog I can hardly remember all the names … but I remembered Emiza.

She wasn’t really difficult to do as makeovers go as she had just one tooth tucked behind and slightly tilted front teeth in her upper and lower jaw … the problem was to do just enough veneering to help hide the discolouration and to polish it all to a beautiful shine.

Emiza had one tooth tucked behind

This meant instead of the usual 45 minutes .. I took about 2 hours to complete Emiza’s makeover. I admit I fussed and fussed … I re-did the polish again and again … I re-did the shapes at least twice!

I wanted to really get the best shape, colour and arrangement for Emiza that I could …. she had placed her faith in me, traveled all the way by bus from Ipoh and convinced her brother to accompany her even though he had a test the next day  (Miza, her brother is studying Health Sciences in a college in Ipoh)

She deserved my best … and so I fussed over her.

Emiza was the model patient … she sat quietly throughout all my fussing whilst I chatted with her about her new life as a doctor.

Now this was tough!

At last I was satisfied …

I had corrected the tucked tooth … check!

I had corrected the tilted front upper and lower teeth … check!

I had made the colour more even and polished it to a beautiful shine ….whew! Check!!!

I had made sure she could floss and keep it all nice and clean … check!

When Emiza saw her new smile she loved it! I apologised for taking so long … I kept the other patients waiting a bit but well, I’m lucky, my patients rarely get upset … I guess it’s because they know I will be the same with them … I will make sure they’ll be satisfied with the results too.

Nice and even now ... though it took 2 hours!

Emiza left with her brother with directions from Lyn our clinic manager, to a nice Briyani restaurant near the clinic  …. I recommended she treat/belanja Miza for being such a great brother … he accompanied her and gave her moral support!

I hope you like your new smile, Emiza

… you’ll make a wonderful doctor! 😉

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