Fara before- her lower lateral incisor is tucked in.

Everybody wants to look good, no matter how old they are. They either want to have a whiter smile or a straighter teeth. It boosts their confidence. They also want the treatment to be painless and fast.

This is the case for Fara. She is only 19 years old and studying in one of the local college in  K.L. She is very shy girl and  a pretty one, too!

Once seated on the dental chair, I asked her what would she like me to do for her, since in my appointment book, it stated that she had come to do a filling.

She replied , ” I want to straighten my teeth”. I barely heard what she is saying… it seemed like a whisper to me. That told me how shy she is….

Fara had  a tucked in lower lateral  incisor which was her major concern.

I called in her mother to discuss the treatments available for her and advised her as to what suited her best in my opinion.

I explained to them about orthodontic treatment to straighten Fara’s teeth , this includes the Clearpath Orthodontic treatment where she could straighten her teeth without metal brackets and wires … but I could see from the corner of my eye, Fara was shaking her head.

I turned to Fara  and asked her why she would not consider wearing braces. That’s when she explained that she was about to go to America in middle of next year to complete her degree. ( She is doing foundation course in Pure Science)

Yes…that would be a problem if she were to start orthodontic treatment here. This is because it would take about 2 years to complete the treatment and she had to return every 4-6 weeks during then for adjustments … she didn’t have sufficient time to complete the treatment!

With this in mind, I suggested to do 4 veneers for her lower teeth  (to bring out the tucked in incisor) and 2 veneers for her upper teeth.

Fara agreed.

Fara after.

As I passed her a mirror at the end of the treatment, Fara  smiled and  nodded when I asked whether she liked her new smile.

True to her nature, shy Fara  doesn’t talk much .

I asked her if she wants me to do any adjustment , all she said was , “No, Its perfect doctor!”

And I too had a smile on my face as I watched her walking out of the clinic smiling.

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11 years ago

hye dr.. i have about similar problem with Fara..
may i know how much is the cost for his treatment?thanks