Khairul gets EmunDo therapy and his smile: Dr Fauziah

Khairul needed treatment badly!
Khairul works nights in a telemarketing facility. His wife, Aida, had set up the appointment for him but it was a challenge as his daylight hours were often spent sleeping!
When he finally got to the clinic to discuss his treatment plan, we found that he was perfect for EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy as he had a bad gum problem.
His front teeth were very loose and he had a lot of gum pockets which trapped food and made his gums bleed … this was made worse by the calculus (karang gigi) which were deep in the pockets.
I explained EmunDo PDT and said that he needed to get his gum problem under control first … he could lose several teeth and also get really ill if he didn’t get his gums healthy!

Gum disease used to be very hard to treatall that was available to dentists was to do deep scaling … that was before as there was no EmunDo dye.
Patients suffer as their teeth become loose and it’s very hard to eat  … they usually are embarrassed by their bad breath because of all the food that gets trapped in the gums.
The laser light is painless yet effectively kills all germs
He agreed so we started the EmunDo PDT immediately.
We started off by mapping out his gum pockets by measuring every tooth … this is so that we could chart his progress and also so I knew where to place the ARC Laser bulb fiber.
You see the EmunDo dye is drizzled onto the gum margin … the dye binds with all the bacteria so when we use the ARC Laser, every single bacteria in the gums will be wiped out!
Then using the bare fiber to clean the roots that are exposed, the teeth become super clean and so does the gums. Any inflammation also gets removed … this means Khairul’s gums will heal and reattach immediately without the pain!
Immediately after Day1 EmunDo PDT

Usually scaling done on patients like Khairul would be painful and bloody … not so with the EmunDo PDT and laser … it was so clean and clear we could immediately do some composite veneers for him and a splint so his teeth could be firmer.

So that’s what we did and when Khairul looked into the mirror he was amazed!
His wife sent a text to me later saying “…. thank you so much for the beautiful work on Khairul … we are so happy since 3 previous dentist said nothing can be done to his teeth.”
Yes, EmunDo works … it’s just amazing! It’s painless and kills all germs without having to take antibiotics. Patients immediately feel the difference and can look after their teeth and gums much more easily immediately after the first day.
It is the best therapy I have ever seen for gum disease in my 26 years of dentistry!
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