Alice travels to KL for her Dream Smile: Dr Fauziah

Alice before

Alice King Lives in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, she moved some 25 years ago to Australia to start a new life.

Dental treatment in Australia is extremely expensive! As she was working and bringing up her son, she didn’t have the extra finances to look after her smile.

She works in an amusement park, selling tokens to the locals who come in to spend some time playing on the games.

“Lately, I’ve been feeling very self conscious of my smile.” she told me. “My regulars will come in and we’d normally chat for a bit but when I lost my front teeth I found I didn’t want to talk to anyone and so it seemed like I was unfriendly!”

Alice with her temporary bridges

“My boss asked me to get my smile fixed but when I went to the dentist in Brisbane, he wanted AUS$15000 to take out all my teeth and put in dentures.” she added.

“I don’t want to wear dentures even if I had that much money to spend! So I quit my job and came back to KL to look for a dentist to help me.” Alice continued.

Alice was referred to me by Biby Chow, my hair stylist who asked me if I could do my magic and create a new smile … a makeover for Alice! I had 2 weeks to do it as she was leaving for Brisbane in early December.

I examined Alice last week. She needed some routine dental treatment and 2 bridges would sort out her smile. It wasn’t really difficult at all and I needed only a week.

Alice and her mother

“A week! Is that all the time you need? I can hardly believe it! The dentist said it would take many months and I would not have any teeth during that time!” Alice was thrilled.

We completed the temporary bridges in just one visit … and when Alice saw her new smile she was so, so happy!

“I’m going back to ask for my job again. I enjoyed it so much as I could chat with my regulars … they became my friends, young children and even whole families.” she looked so happy even with the temporary bridges.

“You don’t have to be careful when you eat now Alice … the bridges are strong” I reassured her. “Just take care of them like you would your natural teeth by brushing and flossing.”

“I’m going to tell everyone how I got my smile back in KL … and I’m going to get my family to get their smiles too!” Alice said happily before she left the clinic.

Alice’s mother Madam Foong now wants to get her dentures done!

I love my job … I get to make people happy every single day. 😉

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