Akhbar Prepares for his Daughter’s Wedding: Dr Fauziah

Akhbar immediately after EmunDo PDT

Akhbar’s daughter is about to get married in a few weeks time. As the proud father of the bride, Akhbar will be receiving family and friends as well as giving a speech at the reception.

He wanted a makeover for his smile but first wanted to treat his ongoing gum problems.

“My gums bleed a lot and it’s worse because I am on medication. Do you think EmunDo Therapy will help?” he asked me.

“For sure,” I said, “It’s the most effective treatment I have ever seen in my 26 years of Dentistry!”

A very happy Akhbar with his new smile

I was in the Taman Melawati branch yesterday afternoon with Ayu, my assistant as Dr Dini had recommended the treatment for Akhbar.

We set up the ARC Laser, dribbled the EmunDo Dye onto Akhbar’s teeth whilst I chatted with his wife on the upcoming wedding preparations.

She watched the first part of the therapy, protected by the goggles and asked her husband, “Is it painful?”

He couldn’t reply as I was shining the laser light on his teeth but gave her the thumb’s up sign. Satisfied, Akhbar’s wife left to read in the waiting room.

The side view before

“Wow, there’s hardly any bleeding and it feels great, can we proceed with the makeover now?” Akhbar was excited once we completed the EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy.

“Sure … usually treatment for gum disease leaves a person sore and a little raw but with EmunDo PDT, there’s just a good clean feeling … we can do the makeover immediately!” I said

… and so we started.

Akhbar had a tooth that had drifted forwards and spaces on both his upper and lower teeth. It didn’t take long to do his makeover as all he needed was some composite veneers.

Looking good!

As I worked, Akhbar’s wife cameĀ  in again. “You look so different! Now you can smile for the cameras!” she teased.

Akhbar was the model patient! He sat quietly whilst I did both his upper and lower teeth …. after all the father of the bride needed to look good too on his eldest daughter’s wedding day!

When I finished Akhbar was as happy as I was.

He did look different … the father of the bride!

I reminded him that he still had 2 more EmunDo PDT treaments to go.

Akhbar said he can be photographed from all angles now!

“The next appointment is a week from now … we’ll be dribbling the dye on your teeth and then shining the ARC Laser to kill any germs again. Then we’ll use the bare fiber to remove any inflammation so everything will get better and better OK.”

I hope he remembers … (Hapiza our clinic manager will call Akhbar to remind him anyway) as Akhbar was busy looking at his new smile whilst his wife teased him as he left the clinic!

I love my job … I get to spread happiness … I get to create beautiful smiles every day!

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