New Smile For The Bridesmaid : Dr. Dini

Izyan- before.

Izyan is a gorgeous young lady. When I first met her, I was struck by her beauty. I told her that she reminded  me of Sharifah Aleya , the radio presenter. She laughed and said  a lot of people said the same thing.

She also has a cheerful personality, always smiling and laughing.

She came in  with her mother, who is also my patient. They knew about our clinic from the blog. I’m always grateful for the blog that Dr Fauziah created. It brings patients from everywhere and we can help them to achieved their dream smile.

Izyan’s concern was the gap in between her central incisor. She asked me what were the treatment options  to close the gap.

I told her that she could either choose to have orthodontic treatment  or  close the gap with composite veneers.

Since the rest of her teeth were in very good condition and well aligned, I felt the best treatment for Izyan was to close the gap with composite veneers ( it’s fast and easy … and painless!).

We started with the mock-up for her to be reassured that the central incisor would not look abnormally big. Once I had done the mock-up, I handed her the mirror and she said , “Yeah doctor, it does look normal and not big.”

Her mother also agreed and both gave the green light for me to proceed.

Izyan- after. no more gap.

It took me 30 minutes to close the gap and to make sure the size of both teeth are equally the same.

I handed her the mirror and with her big and gorgeous smile she nodded happily.

“Now I’m the beautiful bridesmaid !” she said.( Her sister is getting married in less than 2 weeks time)

Yes you are Izyan…a beautiful smile for the beautiful bridesmaid.

How do I feel??

As always..happy and grateful. I get to create beautiful smiles and make people happy.

I have the absolute best job in the world!

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