Remolinda gets her smile for Xmas: Dr Fauziah

Remolinda before

Remolinda had first visited our clinic in September with her 14 year old daughter.

At the time, it was her daughter that was there to discuss her treatment … she wanted braces done for her slightly protruding teeth. We discussed the treatment plan, took the necessary study models and made the appointment for her to see our resident orthodontist.

Today Remolinda came in for her own makeover.

Last September I had suggested that she did composite veneers to close the gaps. It was easy peasy! She only needed 4 to close all the gaps after all.

Her side profile

The problem was Remolinda had made an appointment for a scaling! This meant I had only 30 minutes with her.

So when Remolinda sat on the dental chair I explained that I already had my next patient booked in for a 3 unit bridge and since it was the end of the year, the clinic schedule was tightly packed.

I even had 2 EmunDo cases in the Taman Melawati branch which meant I had to leave the clinic and drive there with Ayu and our ARC Laser packed in its silver case.

What a difference!

As luck would have it Remolinda did not need her scaling … she had super clean teeth!

And so I took a deep breath and said, “OK Remolinda … we’ll do it! I’ll work super-duper fast and you’ll have your beautiful smile for Christmas!”

And so out came my magic wand and we worked our magic!

In 20 minutes I was done!

This was the fastest makeover ever … and Remolinda was thrilled!

20 minutes for her dream smile!

I did warn Remolinda that she was going to be ‘bothered’ that we didn’t do her lower teeth before we started … she had only requested that I work on her upper teeth.

Sure enough, Remolinda said as she gazed at her new smile, “Doc, when can I do the lower teeth?” 😉

I laughed and said I’d make the time for the 3 composite veneers needed next week if she wanted it fast … after all she was leaving for her Christmas vacation soon.

We printed her makeover album as I reminded her that she could eat anything immediately … just not stones, metal and wood!

Happy smiles all around

Saying goodbye (until we do her lower teeth that is) I asked Remolinda if I could take one last photo of her and her daughter.

They’re lovely aren’t they … mother and daughter. This is Remolinda’s first photo with her new smile!

Merry Christmas Remolinda and a Happy New Year!

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