Suria’s long awaited smile: Dr Nik

Suria is a young lady who lives in Subang and works in Kuala Lumpur. She knew of our clinic from the website and called us for an appointment. Well…that was 6 months ago…

Yes … I know you must be wondering why it took me so long to write her story! Well actually I had just finished her treatment today. And if you wondered why it took me so long to finish her treatment, it was because my treatment plan for her is totally different from what we normally do.


You see…when I first saw Suria, she had requested me to do cosmetic fillings like the kind she saw on our blog and she wanted straighter teeth.

Upon the initial examination, I realized that her upper right canine was situated higher up than the rest of her teeth and it was also jutting out. Her right upper lateral incisor that was supposed to be in between the central incisor and the canine was tucked far inside at the palate (It can’t be seen in the picture). As for her lower teeth, it was slightly crowded and overlapping each other.

I recommended her to do braces but the idea of wearing braces for two years was not appealing to her.

Her second option was to do cosmetic fillings but with the right upper canine sticking out and upwards meant the result might not be so nice.

So, I gave her third option which was using removable appliances (removable braces) for few months to push down the upper right canine into position and then combine it with cosmetic fillings. Suria chose the third option and so I did her lower cosmetic fillings, took the impression of her upper teeth to do the appliance and pulled out the tucked right upper lateral incisor.

We set her next appointment and she went back home with a pack of gauze and some pain killers.

After-less crowding

When Suria came in for her second appointment, I issued her the appliance and gave her instructions on how to take care of her appliance. Since the appliance needs to be reactivated after a certain period of time, I actually saw Suria quite regularly until today.

Today, I finalized her treatment and as you can see the right upper canine has moved downwards and behind into position.

Suria was happy with the result and refused to do any cosmetic fillings on the upper as she said that it looks pretty and natural as it is. I issued her her upper retainer to wear at night and as we said our goodbyes my staff set her next appointment in 6 months time.

Do enjoy your smile Suria and see you in 6 months time.

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