It’s never too late to get your Dream Smile: Dr Fauziah

Mrs Ragavan before

Mrs Ragavan wanted a new denture as her previous one did not fit so well. My best friend from university, Rema brought her mum for the new set yesterday.

As we finished I asked Mrs Ragavan, “Have you ever thought of closing those gaps, Mrs Ragavan?”

She looked up at me in surprise, “Can it be done? I’ve always hid my smile when I laugh … I have such a horrible smile.”

Rema laughed and said, “Yes Ma, I’ve always said she could do it. Why don’t we get the makeover now that we are here.”

The new Mrs Ragavan in 20 minutes!

Rema and I go back a long, long way. In fact when I was doing my Rural Posting before my final year in university, I stayed at Mrs Ragavan’s home in Kota Bahru.

Mrs Ragavan was excited! … and so were we!

I revved up the magic wand and started working … it was so much fun as Rema and I kept teasing Mrs Ragavan as I worked.

“Mr Ragavan will not recognise you!” I said as I worked.

It didn’t take very long really especially as Rema and I took the time to catch up with what was going on with our lives and families.

Mrs Ragavan from the side

Rema is a physics teacher … and get this, co-wrote the Physics text book for Form 4 students! We laughed about our university days and how we never would have been able to foresee our lives now.

At last I was finished … “Oooo Ma, you look ten years younger!” Rema teased her mum.

“I can’t believe it!” Mrs Ragavan said, “How did you make my teeth go in?”

“Ah … that’s the magic, Mrs Ragavan!” I said with a laugh as Mrs Ragavan looked at herself and giggled.

A new smile for 2013!

“Yes, you can eat anything¬† … except stone, bones and metal.” I said with a laugh.

Mrs Ragavan was even more please when we printed the Makeover Album for her to keep.

“I can smile now without hiding my teeth behind my hand.” she said.

Yes, Mrs Ragavan you have a beautiful smile!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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