Siti’s Christmas Present : Dr Kayethri

Siti Before

Siti is En. Yaakob’s sister. En.Yaakob came all the way from Penang to get his makeover done in our clinic.

So since he stayed over in her place during the visit, she saw his transformation, and decided to get a consultation for herself. Siti told me she was 2 months pregnant when she came in for her appointment. Her husband, Dr. Ariff also accompanied her.

She was very nervous! Siti and Arif were college sweethearts, thus Arif had to be present when she wanted to get her makeover done. Siti had gaps between her upper teeth, a big one in the middle!

She said the gap became bigger just over the years after her marriage. Siti has seen our blog and our before and after pictures of our patients, but I still explained what we do and showed her our album, just to calm her down.

I suggested Siti do 4 composite veneers for her upper front teeth and she agreed. She asked whether we have any warranty for the veneers. I just smiled and told her no.

After all, we eat all sorts of things everyday and no treatments come with waranty, though I did tell her that we will gladly fix the veneers for free if it chips off within the first month.

While the process was taking place, Dr. Ariff dozed off… He was a cool and calm man. Once the veneers were done, I handed over the mirror and Siti took it nervously.

‘It looks so real!’ said Siti. Boy, she was happy…. She was literally jumping in joy! She couldn’t stop looking in

Siti, all ready for taking beautiful photos in Genting Highlands!

the mirror (both the hand mirror and our wall mirror)! I was a bit worried because for a moment I forgot that she was actually pregnant and yet jumping!

“Now, I can smile widely for photos. We are going to Genting Highlands this weekend, that is why I wanted to get it done fast,” she said. Well, I was just too happy.

December has been a busy month and our team has been working very hard to hit our yearly target.

These joy and wide smiles of our patients are the greatest gifts that we get for all the hard work we put throughout the year. But, I have always loved December. It’s year end and Christmas is just around the corner and we are all preparing ourselves to welcome the brand new year.

So Ho ho ho everyone…… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers! 🙂

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