before-fractured incisal and gap in between teeth.

Nina came all the way from Seremban to do her makeover. She knew about our clinic and our services from our blog last Friday and immediately called us to make an appointment.

She was a bit late though, due to the heavy traffic on the road, but we still managed to do what she wanted.

Once seated, she explained about her concern regarding her upper teeth. She had a fractured central incisors and a gap in between both her lateral and central incisors. She told me that her dentist in Seremban had advised her to wear braces to close the gap, but she refused.

I examined Nina and told her that she needed only 4 veneers to close the gap and lucky for her, Nina has a very clean teeth, so she didn’t require a scaling.

As I was in the midst of the process, I had a fun chat with Afiq, Nina’s boyfriend who accompanied her for the makeover. They had known each other since 10 years ago. According to Afiq he always scolded the boys in school if they ever teased or made fun  about Nina’s teeth…Talk about a knight in shining armour!!!

Afiq was actually very eager to see the result. I assured him that Nina will be gorgeous  at the end of the treatment!

Once done, Nina was very shy to look at the mirror, but after 2 minutes, she couldn’t take her eyes off her reflection. I asked Afiq to have a look and he too couldn’t take his eyes of Nina!

After- no more gaps and even teeth.

Nina couldn’t stop smiling and all Afiq said was ,” Beautiful!!”

Before we left I recommended Nina to take Afiq out for a treat for being such a great boyfriend … after all he accompanied and drove her all the way from Seremban.

As we said our good-byes, I reminded Nina that she could eat anything immediately except metal and stones and also to call the clinic if she had adjustments she wants to do.

Enjoy your new smile Nina and see you at the next appointment.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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