Emiriah and Wan Marzitah Visit Us for their Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Emiriah before

Two very good friends, Emiriah and Wan Marzitah paid us a visit today to have their makeover done together.

Emiriah had already come in for a consultation last year before her wedding but decided to do her makeover only now! She said she didn’t smile for her wedding photos. 😉

Emiriah told me she was really self conscious about her smile and would always feel uncomfortable even with friends! She had really wanted to get her makeover done at the time but well, her wedding plans had blown her budget so she had shelved her makeover until now.

Emiriah now!

I examined Emiriah and said it wasn’t too hard to create her dream smile … however she had a big problem keeping her gums healthy (they bled so very easily) so we needed to do her scaling first.

Lucky Emiriah … not only will she get a beautiful smile but the makeover would also reposition her teeth in such a way that she’d have no problem brushing (and flossing) her teeth after!

“No more bleeding gums whenever you brush your teeth. Your gums would be healthy and your smile beautiful!!!” I told her before I started.

Emiriah from the right

“I didn’t know bleeding gums was a problem … they always bleed when I brush.” she said.

Emiriah’s gums bled partly because she had some really bad fillings that were not smooth and had sharp edges where food would get stuck when she ate. All these problems will be taken care of (the silver lining/ bonus) when we did her makeover!

Taking her “Before” photos was soooo hard to do! Emiriah just couldn’t smile showing her teeth until she practised smiling for the photos.

I started with her scaling first … her gums were swollen and bled so much! To help stop the bleeding we used the ARC Laser (no it wasn’t painful 😉 )

Emiriah looks so much nicer now

“If you don’t mind I’ll examine Wan Marzitah now whilst you rest for a bit, OK?” I said so Emiriah could take a short break … “I promise I’ll finish your makeover today!”

And so it was Wan Marziah’s turn.

Wan Marziah had a big, big problem. She had done root canal therapy on one of her teeth and wanted me to do her crowns.

I took an xray first to check on her root canal-ed tooth and the others and found to my frustration that Wan Marziah was in big trouble.

“Oh no!” I said when I looked at the xray. “Your root canal therapy was not done properly and, worse still, the dentist had placed a wire in the wrong place. That tooth is so weak I don’t think you can do a crown … it won’t last!”

Emiriah before

Poor Wan Marziah!

Her case was not as simple as she thought. We needed to do root canal therapy on three teeth now (two other teeth also were ‘dead’) before we can do her crowns. We sat down together and I gave her all the different options available.

This is exactly why I always encourage patients who write or email me to come in for a consultation … we will sit down with you and draw up all the different choices of treatment available for your specific case.

There are so many ways to get your dream smile … if you have all the options explained to you, you can choose the best option to suit your budget and time.

Much prettier now!

Wan Marziah was disappointed … “Can we complete everything by Chinese New Year in February?” she asked after she chose the treatment plan option that suited her.

“Yes, you will have your dream smile by Chinese New Year but you have to follow the treatment schedule ok” I said. “You have to come at least five times in all but yes, we can do it!”

Wan Marziah was relieved and sat down so I could continue with Emiriah’s makeover.

Emiriah’s makeover did not take too long … Wan Marziah watched us work and said “Wah! You will be so surprised! Cantik!”

At last, it was done. I passed the mirror to Emiriah and she broke into a huge smile!

“Now I feel confident! You don’t know how terrible I always felt when I would go out with the gang … I always felt conscious of my smile.” She laughed.

She immediately called Ibrahim, her friend at work who had referred her to us to meet up for lunch so she could show off her smile.

Don’t worry Wan Marziah … soon you will be laughing too.

By Chinese New Year you’ll have your own beautiful smile too …. I promise! 😉

Happy New Year everyone!

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