Paven’s Happy Ending: Dr Fauziah

Paven before

Paven and my son, Shanaz, are both studying Dentistry. They’re the best of friends and often sit together in class. It was only natural then that Shanaz recommended that Paven come in to see us for a consultation.

You see Paven had fallen down when he was only 8 years old, knocking inwards his front teeth. The front teeth had to be guided back into place with braces and he had to have root canal treatment done on 4 of them too.

Paven came in with his Dad, Sukhdev, an imposing gentleman who obviously was concerned for his son.

We spoke at length about the treatment plan, consulted Dr Aws our visiting Endodontist and planned out Paven’s makeover together.

Paven before

A few weeks ago Paven came in for Phase 1.

He was nervous naturally (and so was Mr Sukhdev!), it was a big step for a young man to take. I assured Paven that he would leave the clinic with a smile he would love … and so we started.

I was going to create an immediate bridge for Paven. His two front teeth had roots resorbed so badly that the orthodontic wires were holding them in place. They were darkened and badly chipped.

I worked, taking my time, whilst I chatted with Paven and his Dad. “So, do you want a Tom Cruise smile or Justin Beiber’s?”

Paven with his temporary bridge

“If you’d like I could make the temporary bridge look awful so Paven would be forced to stay home and study!” I joked as his father laughed.

We chatted about Dentistry and the different routes people take before they step into the Faculty … not everyone gets into university directly from high school or college.

We talked about the lecturers and about life after graduating … I took my time creating the temporary bridge as Paven was to use it for at least a month before we move on to Phase 2.

At last it was time for Paven to see his reflection for the first time.

“Oh my God! I look so different!” Paven said as he looked at his reflection, turning his head from side to side.

His father was smiling too.

Paven's temporary bridge

“But remember Paven, this is just your temporary bridge … we need to wait at least a month or better two months before we create your permanent bridge” I said.

“The permanent bridge will be even nicer. Meanwhile you’ll be able to go to your classes and go out with your friends with the temporary bridge … you can eat normally too, so don’t worry!”

Paven was thrilled “The teeth feel much stronger too!”

We said our goodbyes as both father and son left the clinic.

Phase 1 was completed with everyone happy with the results …. I can hardly wait for February when I start Phase 2 for Paven, my son’s best friend in University!

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