Hidayati The Bride-to-be : Dr Fauziah

Hidayati before

Hidayati is about to get married. This beautiful young lady was about to fly back to Sabah to prepare for her wedding.

“I don’t have much time.” she said when we first met. “I’m getting married soon and I want a beautiful smile for my wedding!”

“Sure! But what is it that you don’t like about your smile?” I asked.

You see, Hidayati already had even teeth and for most people she had a nice smile.

“The front teeth are so large,” she said looking in the mirror “and the colour is uneven.”

Hidayati's recontoured smile now

Yes, they were a little large and the colour could be improved … I also pointed out that the side tooth was just a little tilted and sticking out.

“Yes! That too … I am leaving soon for Sabah so do you think it will take a long time?” she asked.

“Nope! It would take less than 45 minutes … and I will be extra careful to shine them so you’ll have a brilliant smile!” I said.

Hidayati’s teeth were a little discoloured and the shape was too masculine for her pretty face. (The photos don’t show the discolouration so well)

You see sometimes the makeovers are very minute but make a big, big difference to our patients.

Side photo before

This is why we always ask what our patients want us to do and listen carefully …. after all it’s the patient’s satisfaction that is most important!

Hidayati was right actually … recontouring her front teeth would give her a ‘softer’ smile … a more feminine smile.

Her side tooth needed just a little tweak to make her smile perfect for her wedding photos!

The makeover also corrected the space between her side (lateral incisor) and her front tooth … her gums were a little swollen there which told me that food often got stuck because of the uneven teeth.

No more tilt!

Sure enough her gums bled as soon as it was touched. ;(

It made my work harder but it was going to be worth it as Hidayati will not have a problem with her gums again once we do her makeover!

In just a short time Hidayati’s makeover was done …. after all most of the work she needed was recontouring after the composite veneers were placed to correct the colour of her teeth.

Hidayati was thrilled!

She left the clinic with a big smile …. a happy bride-to-be with her beautiful smile!

Congratulations Hidayati … may you be blessed with a wonderful marriage!

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