Before- gaps!

Redzuan is a younger brother of Hedayah, one of my regular ‘old’  patients. I remember that she brought him once, a few years back, to check  his teeth.

Redzuan had gaps between his teeth and it was because he has two small peg shape lateral incisors.

At that time, we discussed his treatment options and though he was interested in doing cosmetic fillings to close the gaps, he  was not ready to do it at that time.

Today, Redzuan finally came for his makeover.

As soon as I seated him on the dental chair, he asked me whether his teeth were going to be nice or not. “Yes” I said confidently and he kept asking me the same question few times before I actually started the makeover on him.

I do understand that doing the makeover is actually a big step and patients are torn between nervousness and excitement. Rest assured though, we always make sure that we really give our best to our patients so that they’ll leave our clinic with a beautiful smile and a happy heart.

After- no more gaps!

As for Redzuan, I spent a whole hour to close the gaps and create his new smile. He was very happy with the smile and I can tell that he was relieved too that everything turn up as he hoped it would.

And as for me, I’m very happy to be able to give Redzuan the smile that he had wanted….and the one that he had waited for years.

Enjoy your smile Redzuan!

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