Gappy to Gorgeous : Dr Kayethri

Sheila before

“I know you would have heard this many times, but you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you!” were Sheila’s words when she left the clinic happily after her makeover.

Sheila is a young 25-year old gorgeous looking English tutor. Her students come from various types of people, including ambassadors from different countries. She also does part time modeling.

When Sheila, came to the clinic with her mother, she greeted me loud and chirpily, though she was trying to hide her smile. She seemed nervous but was trying to hide it by giggling away while talking to me. She had not been to the dentist for the past 7 years, so her mum came along to support her. How sweet!

Sheila had gaps on her front teeth starting from the upper right canine to the left canine. After 7 long years, and numerous times being called as ‘gappy’ when she was a kid, Sheila finally got the courage to come to us after seeing our blog.

To make her feel more assured, I did a mock up before starting the actual treatment. She giggled and sought approval from her mum by turning to her mum again and again. “How Ma? How Ma? ” she kept asking. “It’s nice ” her mum replied. “Ok, lets do this!” finally she agreed to proceed.

Sheila after

Sheila needed a minimum of 4 composite veneers for her upper front teeth. “It won’t be painful right?” she asked again. “No Sheila, don’t worry” I replied confidently. While Sheila was in the midst of treatment, her mum took the opportunity to go to the mall to get some work done.

How did Sheila react after we finished? She laughed ,and laughed and told me she wanted to surprise her mum. Unfortunately her mum came in while I was still taking her ‘After’ picture. What a bummer! 😉

As she was making her payment at the counter, Sheila and her mum made their appointments for end of the month for Sheila’s further treatments (fillings) and for her mum’s makeover.

‘Till I see you again Sheila, enjoy your brand new, new year smile.

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8 years ago

How much it cost for this case? n may i know information about braces.i mean the cost.tq.plz email to me yaa