Aimie before

Aimie…that’s the name of this young petite pretty lady who came to do her makeover with me. As pretty as her name, AimieĀ  had gaps in between her teeth that made her smile look unnatural.

Aimie had consulted a few dentists to solve her problem but all of them told her that the only way to beautify and make her smile look natural was by doing crowns.

Reluctant to do the crowns, she had been procrastinating having her makeover done. Fortunately she found out about our clinic whilst googling the web.

She called and made an appointment to see me and came in accompanied by her fiance. She told me about her gaps and was relieved when I told her that it could be corrected with cosmetic fillings.

She was so excited . She’s about to get married in March and really wanted a nicer smile for her wedding and photo session.

I did four cosmetic fillings on her and we chatted while I created the makeover. As soon as I finished with the makeover, I passed Aimie a mirror. She was so happy that she no longer had gaps.

Aimie with no more gaps!

I congratulated her on her coming wedding as she was leaving the clinic

I hope that she will keep on smiling beautifully and take plenty of photos flashing her beautiful smile on her wedding day.

Have a wonderful wedding Aimie and do enjoy the day!

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