Michael’s dream smile: Dr.Kayethri

Michael before

Michael was a referral from one of my patient, Josh. When Lynn, our clinic manager told me Josh’s friend made a makeover appointment, well, I expected someone, hmmmm….. ‘simple’. How wrong I was :).

Michael happened to be a famous image consultant, who owns several hair studios and consulting agency. He was also a very stylish man.

Michael’s request was very simple. He wanted to change everything about his teeth! Ermm, initially I didn’t know how to approach his case because I was not sure what ‘everything ‘ really meant.

Then, we went through one by one on the features of smile he wanted. Michael had uneven yellowish teeth with many fine crack lines on the surface. He also had discoloured fillings on his upper front teeth and a gap between his upper and lower right teeth when he bites his teeth together. Michael wanted a brighter and straighter teeth, and wanted it fast and painless!

I suggested Zoom! whitening followed by 6 veneers for the upper teeth and another 7 veneers for the lowers. But Michael chose just the veneers, since he wanted to get everything done in a day. You see, Michael came on a Saturday,when our clinic is open for half a day only. Since his appointment was in the noon, it was difficult to finish both the whitening and composite veneers on the same day.

Michael after

So I got started with the veneers. Though the treatment took almost 2 hours, it was not troublesome as Michael was very patient and very determined. He was even willing to wait in between treatments, so that I could treat my other waiting patients.

Finally, the veneers were done. It took me some tweaking here and there as Michael had his own ideas on how his smile should be. Though we give anatomically right veneers, it’s patients preference which is more important at the end of the day.

After the final touch, Michael was indeed very satisfied, and was glad that he took Josh’s advice to visit us.

“You did a good job” he said with a smile.

It was another fulfilling day :).

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