Kamarul’s Makeover : Dr Fauziah

After EmunDo PDT Day 2 but before the makeover

Several years ago Zuliyana came in with her best friends for routine dental treatment. She told me at the time that her husband was very nervous of dentists and said she wanted to encourage him to come in too.

It took several years! 😉

When I first met Kamarul he said, “My teeth are in a mess … you’ll have a lot to do.”

Not so though … Kamarul’s biggest problem was his gums were very swollen and his teeth were shaky. He needed to remove a broken down canine and a wisdom tooth for sure, but I was going to do my level best to restore everything else.

Before the Makeover

I explained to Kamarul that his gums needed urgent attention first. They were very, very swollen and bled at the slightest touch. I suggested EmunDo Photo Dynamic Therapy (EmunDo PDT) as that would be the best way to get him into great health.

Kamarul agreed, “I’m in your hands Doc, you just tell me what you suggest.”

When someone says that it makes planning the makeover easier and so we scheduled the first EmunDo PDT treatment.

Everything went well during the Day 1 of EmunDo PDT. Though Kamarul was still nervous, he was the perfect patient. We drizzled the EmunDo dye on his teeth and used the ARC Laser to destroy all the germs and remove any inflammation first before a complete scaling. Kamarul didn’t need injections of course … the EmunDo PDT is painless.

Wow! What a difference

Yesterday was Day 10 … Kamarul came in again for his second EmunDo PDT.

I was amazed … I always get amazed at how fast patients respond to the treatment. I just 10 days Kamarul’s gums were pink and healthy. Gone were the swelling, gone were the bleeding gums and his teeth were getting firm.

I started with the EmunDo PDT and then when I finished (it took about an hour) I asked Kamarul, “Shall I proceed with the makeover? I can start the bridge by making the temporary bridge first and composite veneers for the rest of your teeth … do you have time?”

“It’s all up to you Doc, I really want to get it done as fast as possible.” Kamarul said.

Now Kamarul can smile wide

And so we did it!!! Kamarul sat back and immediately after his second EmunDo PDT we did the first part of his makeover.

Zuliyana came in with her young son just as we were finishing up.

“Hi Dr Fauziah, you know he was really nervous today but wow he looks good!” Zuliyana said as Kamarul smiled.

Yes, Kamarul looks totally different.

I joked, “Luckily you have that mole on your cheek … if you didn’t you’d have difficulty recognising yourself!” 😉

A great makeover for Kamarul

Kamarul laughed and asked me “Do you sell T-shirts here, Doc?”

Puzzled I said, “No … why?”

“I want to buy a T-shirt saying ‘I survived a makeover by Dr Fauziah’ !!!” he laughed.

😉 What a lovely man … and such a joker too! 😉

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