Before- large gap on the lower teeth.

Azlin first came to see me in July 2012 after reading our blog. I only finished treating her last week!! You must be wondering why I took such a long time to complete her makeover..

Well…. Azlin’s case was complicated.

She had been wearing braces for the last 3 years, but there was not much improvement. The reason being  was that she had advanced periodontitis (inflammation of the gum involving bone loss.)

She had seen two dentists prior to visiting us and both advised her toat she  treat her her gum problem first before wearing braces.

After a while she lost confidence in her dentist and stop seeing him. Surfing the net, she found our blog.

When I first saw her, her lower teeth was mostly shaky and there was big gap in between her teeth.

I took an X-ray of her lower teeth and told her there was not much bone support at the lower teeth. If she continued wearing braces, the pressure on her teeth and bone would probably do more harm to her now.

My treatment plan for her was to remove four of her shaky teeth and replace it with an 8-unit bridge, followed by closing the gap between her upper teeth.

After- no more gaps.

She agreed to the treatment plan.

But…. God had other plans for us…

Azlin was very busy at work (she works with an event management company)  and few unfortunate events happened, which resulted with us having to keep on rescheduling our appointment for months until December.

This was actually a blessing in disguise.

At that time we started a new procedure, EmunDo Photo Dynamic Therapy which is specifically targeted to help treat gum disease like Azlin’s effectively and painlessly.

And so I suggested that Azlin undergo the treatment with Dr Fauziah and also  advised her on Whitening Zoom treatment for shinier  and brighter teeth.

Azlin knew that treating her gum was important to her and she agreed to the new treatment plan.

After completing her 2 stages of EmunDo PDT and completing the Zoom! Whitening treatment, it finally was time for me to issue the lower bridge and complete her makeover.

Once the lower bridge was fitted in her mouth, she could hardly believe that she had her perfect teeth again.

She had teary eyes, but it quickly disappeared when her son , Adam  said, “Wow!!! mummy you look beautiful!”

Keep on smiling, Azlin, and enjoy her new smile. 😉

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