Eiko’s New Smile : Dr Dini

Before- slightly protruding right central incisor

Eiko is a Japanese lady , married to an American. They live in Japan and are currently visiting Malaysia. This is their fifth time in Malaysia! They were here for two weeks, attending a course on intuitive feeling.

They came to know about our clinic and services from one of their course mates, who also a patient of Dr Fauziah when Eiko mentioned about straightening her teeth.

When I first saw Eiko, she reminded me of my own Japanese auntie ( my uncle married a Japanese lady). They are full of grace, polite and always smiling.

She told me about her problem with her husband acting as the translator, and asked if I could help her get her dream smile.

After- straighter teeth and no more protruding incisor.

I told her that it could be done easily. But first I asked her if  she wanted to whiten her teeth with our Whitening Zoom treatment since she has discolorations on her teeth.

She told me that she was happy with the color of her teeth so we decided not to whiten them.

It took only 4 veneers on her upper teeth and less than an hour I was done!.

Looking in the mirror, Eiko smiled and nodded happily at me, giving me a cue that she is satisfied.

She looked at her husband and asked him, “What do you think?”.

Her husband replied with only one word  “Beautiful !”.

I wished them a happy stay in Malaysia as they were leaving the clinic.

I told Eiko to keep on smiling and enjoy her new dream smile.

As for me, it was another fulfilling day at work.

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