A fruitful break: Dr. Kayethri

Fadzlan before

Fadzlan is a young lecturer based in Kuching. He came in to our clinic for a Zoom! Whitening procedure while he was on a break in Kuala Lumpur.

Fadzlan didn’t have any major problem with his teeth. He wanted to improve his teeth color and enhance the appearance, thus I suggested him to do Zoom! whitening followed by 4 composite veneers for his upper front teeth. He had a slightly retruded¬† left lateral incisor (second left from the middle ) , and a white ‘spot’ on his right central incisor. These minor defects can be corrected easily and fast with composite veneers.

Since Fadzlan told me he would be around for a few days more, I divided his treatment into 2 parts. The first day was for the Zoom! whitening procedure and the following day, to do the veneers. He agreed to the treatment plan. Fadzlan was a quiet and a pleasant character.

The treatment started with the Zoom! whitening which lasted about one and a half hour. Fadzlan was quite comfortable through out the treatment, except for the slight sensitivity he felt. It is quite common for some patients to feel minor sensitivity during or after the procedure, which we always inform the patients, prior to the treatment. But worrry not, as this sensation will only last overnight and can be reduced with the ACP gel we give to the patient to bring back home.

Fadzlan after

The following day, Fadzlan came in as scheduled for his veneers on time. Indeed a punctual man! The 4 veneers were done in less than an hour, and he was very pleased with the result. Before Fadzlan left, I reminded Fadzlan that the veneers have 30 days of guarantee, but as he is based in Kuching, if anything happens at all, he could either come back to us anytime, or it can be fixed easily by any dentist anywhere.

Hope to see you again Fadzlan!

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