I first met En Safie in April last year. He called the clinic and set an appointment to see me after he read about us and what we’re doing in our blog.
He came in for the appointment accompanied by his wife who waited patiently outside when En Safie was called in for his treatment.

After he was seated on the dental chair, we chatted for a while and through the conversation I learnt that En Safie was very interested in closing the gaps in between his teeth.

He was thrilled and was very excited when he found out that the gaps can actually be closed by merely by using composite veneers. All this while he thought that they could only be corrected by braces and it would take months.

As we always do, I started off by doing the initial examination and evaluation. En Safie needed a scaling (clean up) and fillings on the exposed roots surfaces that were worn down due to brushing.

I did the scaling on the same day and he came again for another appointment to fill up the exposed roots surfaces. Now all the initial treatment was completed, he was ready for his makeover. A new appointment date was given and I was looking forward to create the makeover for him.

Unfortunately En Safie had been very busy these past months (a very good unfortunate) which meant he had to keep rescheduling the appointment. Hence, the makeover was done this year….

After- no more gaps!

I did both upper and lower cosmetic fillings on two separate appointments. How did I do it? I added composite filling material on each side of his teeth and sculptured it to closed up the gaps.

And the result, as you can see, there’s no more gaps in between the teeth. It’s pretty simple and easy…and painless too!

So if you have gaps in between your teeth and want to close it up, do not hesitate to call us and come for a check up and consultation. We’ll make sure that you’ll leave the clinic like En Safie did, smiling happily and beautifully. Keep smiling En Safie!.

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